Beneficial reuse

Viewed by many as asset recovery, the reuse of secondary raw materials offers financial and environmental advantages to manufacturers of all sizes. The Meadows Group specializes in finding beneficial reuse options for surplus inventories, off-spec products, and ongoing coproduct and waste streams. 

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Surplus and off-spec inventories

Let The Meadows Group, with our extensive customer base, assist in finding a market for your slow moving, out-of-date, or damaged inventory. These products can take up valuable warehouse space and tie up capital. 

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byproduct/coproduct streams

Limited tank space, varying sales specifications and fluctuating production volumes are just some of the challenges these products can present. Allow us to develop a marketing plan for these products, focused on sustainable solutions. 

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waste streams for reuse

The elimination of waste streams can have a positive impact on both a company's bottom line and their corporate image. Can your company's waste streams possibly serve as an alternative raw material source for other industries? Our experienced team can evaluate your streams for reuse potential.