Year-End Surplus

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Actively Sourcing Secondary Chemistries


Think Reuse Before Disposal

Don't let this year's dead inventory become next year's storage issue.

The Meadows Group is currently purchasing surplus products and raw materials for beneficial reuse.

Need an alternative to disposal?

Contact the beneficial reuse experts at The Meadows Group to address your unique situation.


Slow & Dead Inventories

The Meadows Group has the experience to place obsolete or surplus products into viable applications. From aged commodities to specialty products, our team has a creative solution. 


Distressed Chemistries

Off-spec product still has potential for some applications. Consider the alternative when faced with a distressed load of material.


Coproduct Streams

Byproducts resulting from your manufacuring process could still have value to the right markets. Our team specializes in finding the value in difficult streams, and relieving the pressure from waste generation.

With the end of the year approaching, The Meadows Group is working toward placing last-minute volume for clients around the world. 

Contact the reuse experts to discuss your individual needs. 



Beneficial Reuse: A Case Study

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How does beneficial reuse add value for manufacturers? 

In early 2017, The Meadows Group was approached by a producer to explore beneficial reuse options for a large lot of drummed surplus product. 

Originally, the material was manufactured for a specific customer, and tailored to fit their process. However, after some internal changes and restructuring, the division overseeing the project was dissolved. To further complicate the situation, the intended customer had since closed its doors, leaving over 1,000 drums behind in a third-party warehouse. 

Storage fees were estimated at over $5,000 per month for the surplus, and the manufacturer was ultimately faced with projected disposal costs of nearly $200,000 to remove the product from inventory (in addition to a spike in waste generation). 

How can we avoid costly storage and disposal fees, while also moving our non-performing inventory as a viable product instead of a waste?

Once our team had thoroughly qualified the material, our beneficial reuse experts went to work. 

After working through and analyzing multiple samples, conducting market surveys and research, and utilizing our over 80 years of combined industry experience to develop a marketing strategy, The Meadows Group found outlets that could use the total volume of our producer's material in similar industrial applications. 

Once our team had coordinated and managed the shipment of the total inventory to our outlets, the producer experienced the real value of utilizing reuse options as an alternative to disposal. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Meadows Group was able to pay the producer over $12,000 for the surplus product in its original form. 
  • The producer saved over $60,000 per year in storage fees, and over $200,000 in potential disposal costs. 

Beneficial reuse can offer tangible benefits to manufacturers in all industry sectors. 

Whether you need to build your green corporate image, or reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated by your facility, our beneficial reuse experts can provide a boost to any environmental program. 

Are coproduct streams, off-spec materials, or surplus impacting your bottom line? Our alternative use programs, powered by decades of experience and industry knowledge may be your solution. 

Contact the beneficial reuse experts at The Meadows Group to discuss your unique situation. 

It's what we do.



Responsible Distribution

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The Responsible Choice in Beneficial Reuse

The Meadows Group is proud to be NACD Verified as a Responsible Distributor, and is fully committed to promoting and demonstrating best practices in chemical distribution. 

As the only NACD Verified distributor dedicated to beneficial reuse, The Meadows Group is anchored in the philosophy of Responsible Distribution, setting the example for how to operate at the highest level within our space. 

By choosing to work with The Meadows Group as partners in product stewardship, our suppliers know their materials will be handled with a level of integrity unmatched in the industry. 

Experience a higher standard in beneficial reuse with The Meadows Group. Contact your representative to explore reuse applications for:

By-product and Co-product Streams

Off-spec Chemicals

Surplus and Damaged Inventories



Spring Sourcing 2017

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We know that dealing with co-product streams, off-spec materials, and surplus components can be a challenge for manufacturers of any size. At The Meadows Group, our reuse experts solve these problems every day, bringing these materials into viable markets as usable product. 

Don't let limited storage space, varied specifications or
production volumes negatively impact performance.

The Meadows Group is NACD Verified, and creates management plans focused on sustainable solutions. 

Waste disposal can affect both your corporate image and bottom line.

Explore beneficial reuse options with The Meadows Group. Our specialists are familiar with the challenges of marketing off-spec and co-product streams, and will work with you to maximize operational excellence. 

We are actively sourcing the following streams:

(Toluene, Xylene, HAN)


(DOP, DOTP, DINP, Polymerics)


Aliphatic Solvents
(Mineral Spirits, Hexane, Heptane)

(Methanol, IPA, Butanol, Ethanol)

(Monoethanolamine, Ethylenediamine)

(Phosphoric, Acetic)

Experience a higher standard in beneficial reuse.

Contact our team at The Meadows Group.


9575 Katy Freeway, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77024


Hazardous Waste Recycling 101

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Can I Recycle Some of My Industrial or Hazardous Wastes?

The Meadows Group would like to present this quick primer on recycling your facility's industrial and hazardous materials. As professionals in the chemical industry, it is our responsibility to know how these guidelines and regulations affect our operations, and follow them diligently. 

These tips will help to promote compliance, even in the face of complicated regulations. 

1: Know Where to Look

Current regulations (at the state or federal level) can be found:

In Texas, on the TCEQ's website, at in full. Section 335 within Title 30 of the Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC) contains all relevant information on industrial and hazardous waste recycling. 

30 TAC 335

On the EPA's website, at in full. Federal guidelines can be found in parts 260-265 within Title 40 of the Federal Code of Regulations (40 CFR). 

40 CFR 260-265

2: Hazardous vs. Non-Hazardous: Know the Difference 

According to the TCEQ, "In general, the recycling of nonhazardous industrial waste is subject to significantly less regulation than is the recycling of hazardous waste (which can come from either industrial or nonindustrial sources)". Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule which can be found in Section 335 of the 30 TAC.

Is the material "inherently waste-like"? If so, there may be very few ways for the waste to be recycled. Hazardous materials are governed by strict regulations concerning their management and storage. "Inherently-waste like" materials with the designations F020, F022, F023, F026 and F028 are always categorized as wastes, with no exceptions. Materials designated as F021, however, are not considered wastes only if they are used as an ingredient to make a product at the site they were generated. 

See 40 CFR Part 261 for a complete listing of EPA-designated hazardous materials. 

3: Notify 

Current regulations require that generators must notify the TCEQ 90 days before they begin to recycle their industrial wastes. This is also true for facilities that receive and recycle these materials.

Additional permits may be required for further storage of industrial or hazardous wastes, if not included immediately into the recycling process. 

You can read the full TCEQ article in more detail here. Pages 3-4 contain a useful chart that can be used to quickly determine if your material is waste, or recyclable. 

The Meadows Group, LLC specializes in distribution and sourcing solutions for your by-product and co-product streams, recycled chemicals, and wide-spec materials. Contact our experts today to explore how our beneficial reuse programs can benefit your operations.