Year-End Surplus

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Actively Sourcing Secondary Chemistries


Think Reuse Before Disposal

Don't let this year's dead inventory become next year's storage issue.

The Meadows Group is currently purchasing surplus products and raw materials for beneficial reuse.

Need an alternative to disposal?

Contact the beneficial reuse experts at The Meadows Group to address your unique situation.


Slow & Dead Inventories

The Meadows Group has the experience to place obsolete or surplus products into viable applications. From aged commodities to specialty products, our team has a creative solution. 


Distressed Chemistries

Off-spec product still has potential for some applications. Consider the alternative when faced with a distressed load of material.


Coproduct Streams

Byproducts resulting from your manufacuring process could still have value to the right markets. Our team specializes in finding the value in difficult streams, and relieving the pressure from waste generation.

With the end of the year approaching, The Meadows Group is working toward placing last-minute volume for clients around the world. 

Contact the reuse experts to discuss your individual needs.